About Us

Techno Support Ltd.

Since 1994, as a technology trading
company, we have been providing
innovative products and information,

which spread in the world, into the
vast market in Japan.

Office Address
4-22-3 Onohara-higashi, Minoo ,Osaka
562-0031 Japan

TEL: (+81) 72-730-2303
FAX: (+81) 72-730-2304

Product Lines

Mixing Technologies

High Shear Mixers
Silverson Machines Ltd.

Mechanical Shaft Seals
Woodex Bearing Company, Inc

Stainless Motors
Stainless Motors, Inc.

Paper & Film converting Technologies

Titanium Anilox Roller

Rollscope MD-3DQC
MicroDynamics, Inc.

Numbering System
Atlantic Zeiser GmbH

Die Cutting Cylinders
Schobertechnologies GmbH

Air Shafts
ATEM sas.

Tension Transducers
Cleveland Motion Controls

Industrial Razor Blade & Cutters

Viscosity Controllers
Opti-color Mess und Regelanlagen GmbH

General Industries

Rotary Torque Sensors
Sensor Technology Ltd.

Magnet Inline Filter
Fluid Conditionig Systems Ltd.

PC9001 - Oil Laser Particle Counter
Filtertechnik Ltd.

Spin Clean - Centrifuge Separator
Fluid Power Energy, Inc.

Separ Filter - Fuel Water Separators
W. Lösing Filtertechnik e. K.

VARNA Prelube Oil Pumps
VARNA Products

Laser Beam Particle Counter
Spectrex Corporation

Consumer Products

Plintable Plastic Card
PROMAXX Innovative PC Print Media GmbH